Do you want to join a young and dynamic team in an international company? Are you open to the possibilities, determined and eager to face many challenges? We open for you the door to a new adventure. Come to meet our team and discover us.


Identity coherence, culture and world level expertise …

H Grup IT Expert is a Romanian company established in the year 2006 by the founder of Groupe HN France.

With a direct experience of about 30 years of the parent company, H Grup IT Expert has managed to assert itself on the French software market within a fairly short amount of time.

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We have been working for 3 years with H Grup IT Expert, and along these years , H Grup has always been present to answer to any kind of our needs and requests, with a very good service quality. H Grup is no more a service provider for us, but a partner for our activities.

We turned towards H GRUP IT EXPERT at a time when our development teams’ capacity didn’t allow us to respect the deadlines asked by our clients. The H GRUP IT EXPERT team of developers had exhibit competences way over our specification demanded and had managed to integrate themselves quickly in our project teams. They have rapidly

The challenges met in this domain are directly related to the security of the projects. In this respect we are lucky; we are a part of the European Community. Concerning the type of software development we work on in Bucharest, there is no difference with the work done in France. The levels of work done are basically identical. Concerning the

We were pleasantly surprised during the visit we made to Romania, at H GRUP IT EXPERT, to discover that the service centre there was organized after the French working style, with French speaking people that were very open to our needs and problems.

Member of the French Chamber of Comerce and Industry in Romania